Great Rides.

We discover unique ways to connect franchised, or multi-state automotive brands at a deeper, emotional level with the best prospects within their local communities. This not only creates an initial sale, but a higher average check, greater loyalty, and increased profits.  

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Grow Your ROI.

Our in-house analytics team at MāHK Advertising helped a nationwide client quantifiably prove that an increased in marketing budget spend would have a significant increase in sales over test markets. With control vs. test groups, the results showed a 18.5% calculated lift in sales with increased budget spend – a stunning 12:1 ROI ratio. Moving forward, the client doubled the approved budget to continue maximizing sales. 

Think differently.

Using mass media and a nontypical call to action, MāHK produced double digit sales growth for a local automotive retailer during a peak holiday period not normally associated with high sales. The campaign’s success led to it’s corporate implementation throughout the country as a staple of the overall marketing strategy for 7+ years.

Beat the competition.

A regional tire franchise turned to MāHK to help them increase sales amidst increasing competition from other vendors. MāHK completed a comprehensive audience research project and developed new creative messaging for traditional and digital platforms. 

Rather than deploy an entire media overhaul, MāHK introduced small changes in media strategy to get the message out to new customers. The effort resulted in a 14% year-over-year sales increase for the entire franchise.

Take market share.

MāHK helped a luxury car brand increase their market share more than 5% in just a few short months. The team achieved this growth through research analysis that revealed specific radio stations were a key driver in overall car sales. MāHK included these outlets in the media plan, plus negotiated for additional added value opportunities to boost sales and brand awareness.

Utilize research.

In the saturated medical and nursing education field, MāHK helped a college resonate with their target audience through various research efforts. Using those findings, MāHK developed a recruitment and media strategy that led to each campus meeting their enrollment goals.

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