Great Eats.

We discover unique ways to connect franchised, or multi-state food brands at a deeper, emotional level with the best prospects within their local communities. This not only creates an initial sale, but a higher average check, greater loyalty, and increased profits.  

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Increase transactions.

Starting with a single market in in 2013, MāHK advertising now services 25 different markets of a popular pizza franchise throughout the United States. With local research and specific goals of each owner in mind, we determine the optimal media strategy for each market and consistently outperform the system in comp sales and transactions

Drive Loyalty.

Using data analytics, MāHK strategically allocated advertising spend to key audiences to develop a smarter and more profitable approach to a convenience store’s annual summer fountain drink campaign. The messaging and delivery resulted in 11% YoY increase in fountains sales, 330K new loyalty members and 2x the industry average for paid social click-through rate.

Encourage participation.

Battling waning vendor turnout due to the pandemic, MāHK was tasked with generating both new vendors and crowds for an outdoor products expo. Using traditional media such as TV, Cable, Radio and outdoor advertising, MāHK expanded the target audience to attract full families with a broad range of outdoor interests. When the expo debuted, vendors were up almost 20% and large crowds were consistent throughout the event.

Increase visitors.

With a limited budget, MāHK was tasked with increasing destination visitation and spending for a western tourist region. Using research and analysis, MāHK recommended three new markets and a digital-driven media plan to reach consumers. New creative assets used individualized messages to attract visitors and doubled ‘influenced’ trips to the destination. Additionally, ad-influenced spending and lodging nights in the destination both increased over 100%.

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