Great Investments.

We discover emotional drivers that will motivate individuals to make key decisions that will put them on a path to a more personally gratifying and financially stable future.  

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Change behavior.

For almost two decades, MāHK’s iconic PSA campaign has been reversing the trend of workplace accidents and saving lives. With the goal of reducing workplace accidents, MāHK conducted research to identify key messaging and successfully deliver it to our audience in a creative method.

-one that is still being used today

Position intelligently.

While other educators were struggling with reduced enrollment at the height of COVID-19, MāHK helped a Salt Lake college pivot messaging to a campaign highlighting online learning that resulted in a YoY increase in summer enrollment. 

Tactics targeted two key audience segments and utilized a broad media strategy that generated 7M+ digital impressions.

Stand out.

Competing against dozens of local banking options, MāHK used diverse creative assets to set a regional credit union apart from the crowd. Community-focused branding executions led to more brand recognition and successful digital campaigns that consistently outperformed the industry averages in click-through rates.

Think creatively.

Membership in a government-sponsored group was struggling to grow organically and battling negative brand perception. MāHK led a creative overhaul of messaging that targeted a new demographic and utilized language that directly resonated like never before.

After these efforts, the department saw a 7% YoY increase in enrollment and a 117% YoY growth in website pageviews.

Research driven.

In the saturated medical and nursing education field, MāHK helped a college resonate with their target audience through various research efforts. Using those findings, MāHK developed a recruitment and media strategy that led to each campus meeting their enrollment goals.

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